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CIBTAC Level 4 Award in Advanced Skin Science

CIBTAC Level 4 Award in Advanced Skin Science

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The CIBTAC Level 4 Award in Advanced Skin Science is a knowledge-based qualification.
It is aimed at equipping the learner with the knowledge that underpins safe and effective, non-surgical, clinical aesthetic practice within beauty salons, skin clinics and medispa. It is
suitable for Learners wanting to enter the sector and for existing practitioners who may wish
to take this qualification to ensure they have higher-level learning in line government

The aim of the CIBTAC Level 4 Award in Advanced Skin Science is to:

  • provide Learners with a challenging qualification that will enable
    them to gain theadvanced knowledge required for work as a nonsurgical aesthetic practitioner
    Knowledge descriptor (the Learner) Skills descriptor (Learner can)
  • has the practical, theoretical or technical knowledge
    and understanding of a subject or field of work
    to address problems that are well-defined and
    complex and non- routine
  •  can analyse, interpret and evaluate
    relevant information and ideas
  • is aware of the nature of approximate scope
    of the area of study or work
  • has informed awareness of different perspectives
    approaches within the area of study or work
  •  identify, adapt and use appropriate
    cognitive and practical skills to inform
    actions and address problems that are
    complex and
    non-routine while normally fairly welldefined
  • review the effectiveness and
    appropriateness of methods, actions
    and results
  • provide Learners with the opportunity to recognise the changing industry
    and the opportunitiesfor personal and economic progression that exist
    within it
  • provide Learners with the advanced knowledge that underpins professional, ethical,
    safe and effective non-surgical, clinical aesthetic practice, enhancing the safety of
    the public in line with UK government recommendations
  • provide Learners with the knowledge and terminology required to work confidently
    and effectively within the aesthetics sector
  •  enable Learners to make knowledgeable and confident treatment decisions in the
  • encourage Learners to contextualise knowledge, reflect and adapt to ensure
    professional, ethical, safe and effective practice
  • provide opportunities for Learners to develop the necessary knowledge and
    understanding to progress to higher levels of qualification and practice, in line with
    UK government recommendations
  •  encourage wider learning of the aesthetics sector

Upon enrolment, all learners will receive an ILP (Individual Learning Plan)
tailored to their own needs to ensure their learning experience is bespoke to
Zoom (or similar platforms) can now be effectively used for theory elements
of delivery meaning that learning is more achievable for all and suits busy
Please note that ALL practical must always be performed and assessed in
centre as per guidelines