No-Needle Techniques Training


No-Needle Techniques Training

£1,500.00 £700.00



Learn 3 techniques;
Mesotherapy (infusion of products such as hyaluronic acid into the skin to hydrate and improve skins appearance including lines and wrinkles)
Fat dissolve
Filler -augment lips, lines etc
No needle methods are a great and effective way to infuse products into the skin for those that don’t like the thought of needles. The device is perfectly safe and devised specifically for mesotherapy techniques listed above. The product reaches same level as with needles (as they all work purely in the different skin levels) with fewer risks. Fully accredited and insurable. Ideal for Beauty Therapists or aestheticians looking for an alternative for needle-phobic clients.
This training is usually £1500 including device. Offer price £700 including device.
Training includes pre and post-study, final exam and final assessment. with life-long support.