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ABT Accredited Training Courses

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CPD Accredited Training Courses

If you are a Level 3 Beauty Therapist or are qualified medically you are able to proceed onto aesthetic courses such as Botox, filler, fat dissolve injections and vitamin injections. Here at Dermatherapy we pride ourselves on offering bespoke training with small numbers (usually 1:1) and lifetime support . Aesthetics is the most saught after industry at the moment- for clients and profitability for aestheticians
We can train you in clinic/salon for free dependent on distance (then a small travel charge will be applicable)
Basic Anti-Wrinkle injections and Basic filler. Price Includes complications.
Learn upper face anti-wrinkle treatments and Dermal Filler on Lips, Nose to mouth lines, smokers lines and marionettes
Was £2000
NOW £1500  
Advanced Anti-Wrinkle
-learn lower face botox such as Nefertiti face life (jawline
slimming) Hyperhydrosis (excess sweating), cobbled chin (chin remould), gummy
smile, lip flip, brow lift, upturn smile, platysmal bands (must be trained and
have at least 6 months experience in basic botox)
Was £600
NOW £450 
Lidocaine infusion for facial services and Lips services (Dental block)
training for experienced injectors. Take
the pain away and be able to spend more time perfecting lips without the client
discomfort ……
Advanced Fillers……cheek, jaw, Tear Trough  using cannula and needle for practitioners
with a minimum of 6 months experience and a portfolio of evidence……
£600 or individually £160 . ie- Tear trough ONLY Training