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What does this qualification cover?

The qualification includes one mandatory unit which includes:

  • Understanding what is meant by mental health
  • Awareness of the effects of mental health conditions
  • Supporting people with mental health conditions

Throughout this qualification, learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of mental health and wellbeing. Learners will develop knowledge of a range of mental health conditions, the factors affecting mental health and the impact of mental health from a global, individual and workplace perspective.

Learners will develop an understanding of what constitutes good mental health and mental ill-health and how to recognise the signs and symptoms of a number of mental health conditions. Learners will also develop an awareness of the types of support available for mental health conditions and how to access them.

What could this qualification lead to?

Learners undertaking this qualification may wish progress to other mental health related qualifications in areas including:

  • Mental Health First Aid qualifications
  • Understanding eating disorders
  • Understanding substance misuse
  • Mental wellbeing in children/young people

This course is a great way to understand mental health concerns. It is fully
certified and recognised and is great for employers and clients to see that
you have an official understanding of Mental Health.